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Deep Mattress Cleaning In  To keep your family healthy and safe, regular bed mattress and pillow cleaning is a must. During its use, a mattress can accumulate quite a lot of dust, skin cells and small particle hairs, not to mention that it can easily become the host of parasites or dust mites. Our technicians are certified in mattress sanitization as well as stain and odor removal. Pick up the phone and dial 020 3746 8236 - the best mattress cleaning St John’s Woods NW8 is only an hour away.

Various Benefits For You!

The health benefits of professional mattress cleaning alone will suffice, as we can guarantee the absolute removal of all accumulated dirt, allergens, hairs and everything that might cause any health issues. With us you will also enjoy:

  • Toxin-free treatments
  • No allergens
  • Bed bug and dust mite free pillows and mattresses
  • Complete pet urine stain removal
  • Sanitization and deodorizing

Time to get rid of all bed bugs and bad smell that have discturbed your night time comfort! Efficient bed bugs treatment St Johns Wood - we garantee you full germs extermination and sanitation. Clean bed, sweet dreams! 

Service Details

U.V light procedures – are used to rid a mattress of any parasites or bad infestations, specializing in the bugs and dust mites. The procedure does not use any detergents and it takes only a few seconds to actually perform. The lights can penetrate even the deepest layers of your mattress, ensuring the full eradication of all bed bug or dust mite populations. After the procedure is done, our team of experts will extract the fecal matter and carcasses via a powerful vacuum machine, after which the mattress is safe for use.

Steam cleaning – specializes in the deodorizing and stain removal of any household stain though it even has the strength to remove tar, lipstick, and even gasoline residues. A high-pressure steam jet is used for agitating the stains, infused with a detergent this can be a powerful solution to any bad odour problem as well. A powerful machine sucks out all of the unwanted gunk, leaving a fresh and clean mattress. While there is some leftover moisture, only about 5% of that originally used, it will dry out quickly and without a chance of molding. This procedure can also be used as a follow-up of the UV light treatment as it also has strong sterilizing properties.

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