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Upholstery Cleaning In  Local Cleaners St. John`s Woods Ltd. is a professional carpet cleaning company also specializing in sofa and any other upholstery cleaning. We’ve had many years to perfect our craft and we have done so in many ways. Call us now at 020 3746 8236 - the sofa cleaners we'll dispatch are true washing espert, all insured and prepared to treat even the toughest of upholstery stains. Being leather treatment specialists, they will ensure that even the flakiest leather sofa will be like new again!

Benefits Of Choosing Us

We make sure that even the dirtiest piece of upholstered furniture you have are cleaned to perfection, with over 50 specialized detergents and dedicated upholstery cleaning techniques, we can not only guarantee perfect results, but that they be done without damaging your precious furniture. With us you will enjoy:

  • Carefully treated furniture
  • No chance of damage
  • Fresh, soft finish of all upholstery types
  • Stain and dust accumulation extraction
  • Special leather treatment

Don't forget that all our St John's Wood clients are entitled to same day & emergency bookings. Also, should you choose two or more of our cleaning services, we will gladly make you a special discount of up to 20%!

Service Details & Information

Dry cleaning – is more suitable for battling moist stains, as the dry dust used as a cleaning agent will safely take away the moisture from water and heat sensitive textiles. It is suitable for dealing with sensitive materials and is what we use on expensive and more delicate upholstered furniture. Regardless of the shape or form of your furniture, this treatment is suitable for every type, it can cover even the smallest cracks and crevasses. The fine dust binds with the stain, extracting it from the fibers and returning the once glorious colour of your furniture.

Steam cleaning – has a very distinct and powerful capability to cut straight through heavy dirt and grime. A hot water is brought to a boil then injected under high pressure in the form of steam. The steam is fine enough to reach every part of the textile, to react with the stain, agitating it and loosening its grip to the fibers. The leftover residue is then extracted with a high powered vacuum cleaner that also takes away 95% of the water used in the procedure. It is safe for use around children and pets as it has anti-allergenic capabilities.

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Call us on 020 3746 8236 and you will get exclusive information on our current and future discounts and deals. You can also submit a booking form that will get you straight to the scheduling part where our team will aid you in finding the best and most comfortable hour for our visit. Reasonable rates. No deposits. No concealed fees. Upholstery cleaning St John's Wood - Satisfaction garanteed! 

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